Flashpoint Vertical TTL Hot Shoe for Camera Remote

MSRP: $19.95

The Flashpoint Vertical TTL Hot Shoe takes that wireless remote atop your DSLR hotshoe and stands it up. The LCD panel faces you directly. The TTL friendly shoe relates all camera information to the attached remote. The shoe will forever keep you from craning your neck to get an overhead view of the display screen. What a welcome and straightforward solution for tripod work and high point-of-view sets to your remote possibilities.

1. Slide the remote fulling on the Vertical TTL Hot Shoe and lock it firmly in position.

2. Attach the assembled Vertical Shoe with remote onto your DSLR and lock it into the hot shoe by turning the knurled lock wheel counterclockwise.

3. All the camera data flows through the shoe to the remote – and back again.

Another exclusive custom photographic tool designed and created by the innovators at Flashpoint.


  • Stands the display panel and controls of your favorite wireless remote vertically for easy viewing.
  • Translate all camera data transparently to the remote.
  • Keeps the LCD readable when the camera is high eye point.
  • Giraffes need not apply.


  • Flashpoint Vertical TTL Hot Shoe for Camera Remote
Flashpoint Vertical TTL Hot Shoe for Camera Remote Specifications
Dimensions 1.9 x 1.4 x 1.0in / 49 x 36 x 27mm
Weight 1.4oz / 40g