Flashpoint Triple Shoe V-Bracket

MSRP: $9.95

The Flashpoint Triple Shoe V-Bracket allows you to connect 3 shoe mounted devices at different levels on top of one camera’s flash shoe. By staggering the height, you have ample room, without interference, for gear like mics, a lav mic receiver, LED lights, audio recorders, a monitor, viewfinder mount, or any other shoe accessory. The higher, more extended upper shoe arm allows you to place your LED panel farther from the lens, reducing interference with other systems and adding drama and realism to your lighting
The Triple Shoe V-Bracket connects to a camera using a standard cold shoe, and it can also be mounted to a ¼” screw on a stand, tripod, or other device.
The all aluminum alloy construction is lightweight and strong. Each cold shoe has a safety pin to prevent misalignment and rotation of the mounted accessory.


  • Cold Shoe mount with tightening knob
  • ¼-20 tripod screw hole
  • 3 Shoe mounts at staggered heights
  • Rugged aluminum build


  • Flashpoint Triple Shoe "V" Bracket
Flashpoint Triple Shoe V-Bracket Specifications
Mounting Camerahotshoe or ¼" screw
Capacity 3 cold shoe devices
Materials Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 1"
Weight 3.3 oz