Flashpoint Round Head Flash Accessory Kit – Godox AK-R1

MSRP: $56.00

The prodigious eVOLV200 R2 TTL flash does it once again!

If the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Round Head was not exciting enough the Accessory Kit comes along and makes it even more outstanding! Every imaginable light attachment to control light spread, spill, drama, color tint, and mood. The round head features a magnetic ring accessory mount, allowing for simple installation of the myriad of modifiers: Barn Doors with 4 Flags, a Diffusion Dome, 30½ Honeycomb Grid, Wide Angle Diffuser, 6 Hard Plastic Color Correction Gels, Filter/Gel Holders, Spot Light Snoot and requisite BounceScoop. This is an expert’s Accessory kit for the eVOLV200 Round Head, to master the light for all eventualities, to be quickly mounted, and stacked as needed for limitless modification.

The eVOLV200 Round Head provides a more natural and pleasing diffused circular light, even flash pattern and much more graceful falloff than the standard Fresnel head, while boasting the convenience of a compact, self-contained head with an LED modeling lamp.

While magnetism isn’t a new invention to flash accessories, this kit fits on the best. No other can match the dexterity and nimble ingenious adaptability of the Flashpoint eVOLV200. Put the Round Head and this Accessory Kit together, and you have a formula for light fascination.


  • A comprehensive collection of light modifiers for the eVOLV200 Round Head
  • Add drama, control, and selectivity
  • Modifiers stack magnetically for an endless combination of effects
  • Powerful rare earth element magnets firmly grasp
  • Filters constructed of durable hard plastic
  • An instantaneous solution for every imaginable situation
  • Stackable system for creative combinations


  • Barn Doors
  • Diffusion Dome
  • Spot Snoot
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Bounce Scoop
  • 6 Plastic Color Filters
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 2 Filter/Gel Holders
Flashpoint Round Head Flash Accessory Kit - Godox AK-R1 Specifications
Compatibility Flashpoint eVOLV200 Round Head
Mount Magnetic
Diameter 3.0in / 76mm
Weight Dome: 0.8oz / 24g, Bounce: 0.6oz / 18g, Grid: 0.4oz / 10g, Filter Holder: 0.3oz / 8g, Filter/Gel/Wide: 0.02oz / 0.5g, Snoot: 1.7oz / 30g,