Flashpoint Rotating Camera Flip-Flash Bracket with Integrated Anti Twist Plate

MSRP: $29.95

The Flashpoint Rotating Camera Flip Flash Bracket allows you to smoothly rotate almost any SLR camera 90½, even those with add-on power grips, for vertical or horizontal shots, while keeping the flash stationary above the camera, maintaining the look of your lighting.

This bracket dramatically improves the quality of your light by positioning your flash farther from your lens while staying directly above it, on-axis, no matter the camera orientation. The anti-twist plate feature ensures that the camera remains firmly in position while you shoot as increased torque tends to rotate cameras attached without this method. A cork pad with self-adhesive is included for ultimate protection of the camera when in tight contact with base plate. The flash to camera distance eliminates red-eye and the center position avoids cast side shadows. The lightweight anodized aluminum frame and sturdy rubberized grip combination is easy to hold in heavy use or at rest between shots.

The speedlight is secured through a simple clamp style cold shoe assemble. To sync the camera and flash, we recommend the use of dedicated TTL off-camera flash cords between camera and flash like the Flashpoint FPOCCA (Canon) or FPOCCNK (Nikon). The shoe can be repositioned or removed entirely in case you want to mount a TTL cord or a flash head directly to the arm. The speedlight support has three position for shoe placement, as well as mounting holes for using other accessories, like our Flashpoint Commander Transmitter that works so well with the Streaklight 180 and 360, and the new Zoom Li-On, in Manual and TTL versions, featuring an impressive guide number of 34m/110ft (ISO 100) and power for up to 650 full power shots.


  • <b> Anti twist plate keeps camera in proper position </b>
  • Rotate the camera for vertical shots with a flick of the wrist
  • Well balanced anodized aluminum construction
  • Comfortable rubberized cushion grip
  • Universal locking flash shoe for speedlights
  • Removable locking flash shoe for direct head connection
  • Camera plate design for most SLR's
  • Adjustable hotshoe position for customized flash balance
  • Adjustable 1/4x20 screw position for custom camera placement and balance
  • Can be mounted on tripod


  • Flashpoint Flash Bracket with Rotating Camera Platform
  • Cold Shoe
  • Self-Adhesive Cork Camera Plate Cushion
  • 1 year warranty
Flashpoint Rotating Camera Flip-Flash Bracket with Integrated Anti Twist Plate Specifications
Materials Black Anodized Aluminum and Rubber Foam
Weight 13.9 oz / 396 g
Size 8.0 x10.5 x 3.0" <br> does not fit cameras with built in drive
Flash Type Shoe mount or 1/4x20 screw mount
Grip Rubberized Foam