Flashpoint RB-PG Steel Wheeled Pistol Grip Stand

MSRP: $199.00

Harness the advantage of a fast height adjustment capability using the Flashpoint Steel Wheeled Pistol Stand Kit. It includes a chrome-plated 2-section steel column, a coupler, a folding base with caster wheels, and a sliding support arm and enables you to lift up to 22 lb maximum weight load as high as 6.5′. Noteworthy is the ‘pistol’ sliding support arm that allows you to change the height almost instantly by simply squeezing the spring-loaded ‘trigger’ lever and moving the arm up or down on a vertical shaft. As soon as you release this ‘trigger’ lever, the arm firmly clamps to the shaft and locks the height securely. It can also rotate around the shaft (in the unlocked state) for pointing your device in different directions. For adapter compatibility with your lights or other accessories, the arm has a removable pin with a 5/8″ stud on one end a 1/4″-20 stud on another. If needed, the up-down orientation of this pin can be reversed and locked down with a twist lock. The included matte black base provides solid support for the column while also offering horizontal mobility via its three lockable caster wheels. Should you need to pack your gear and go, the base’s legs can be folded up and locked, while the 2-section central column can be unlocked and removed from the base. When disconnecting the two sections of the column, make sure to release the bottom set screws first to prevent the coupler from falling down the lower section.


  • For mounting lights and other accessories
  • 22 lb maximum weight load
  • 6.5' maximum height
  • Pistol-type sliding arm is fast and secure
  • 5/8" to 1/4"-20 reversible pin adapter
  • Chrome-plated 2-section steel shaft
  • Stable base with fold-up lockable legs
  • Reverse wheels have breaks


  • 1 x Chrome-Plated Steel Shaft
  • 1 x Sliding Pistol Arm
  • 1 x Coupler
  • 1 x Base with Folding Legs
  • 3 x Caster Wheels
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • Flashpoint Limited 1-Year USA Warranty
user-manual User manual
Flashpoint RB-PG Steel Wheeled Pistol Grip Stand Specifications
Max Load 22.0 lb / 10.0 kg
Max Height 6.5' / 2.0 m
Column Diameter 1.4' / 3.5 cm
Footprint Diameter 41.5" / 105.4 cm
Total Weight 18.0 lb / 8.2 kg