Flashpoint R2 Single Pin Transceiver

MSRP: $24.95

The Flashpoint R2 SP Single Pin Transceiver extends the power of R2 wireless radio, for manual control within the R2 wireless Family, and adds both transmitting and receiving to any hot shoe flash or strobe equipped with a sync port, no matter the age or version. The single Transceiver serves units slave linked or attached to it, with the fantastic dexterity of up to 5 Groups in 32 Channels with the added security of 99 ID’s. Direct Group access opens the way to rapid control without scrolling through choices. The Flashpoint APP (available on the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android devices) links the Transceiver to your Smartphone for the ultimate in convenience, through a Flashpoint M1 Pro or M1 Mini flash.

The wireless range is maximized by its non-TTL simplicity, with up to 492 feet / 150 meters of clear signal under ideal conditions. One unit can act flawlessly as a transmitter or receiver, or both, reducing your inventory while increasing your remote wireless light force.

The R2 Fine Family of Flash power settings can be Manually controlled and triggered with utter confidence. The incredible range of these compact and lightweight units as well as their integrated functions and features make them the first choice of professional photographers.

The widely acclaimed 2.4GHz R2 Radio Remote System wireless radio triggers transmits atop a camera body and works with the complete family of Flashpoint Speedlights, Monolights and Strobe lights with the unrivaled R2 radio transceiver built right in: Flashpoint XPLOR400 Pro, XPLOR600 Pro, XPLOR600, eVOLV200, Zoom, Zoom Li-on, and Zoom Mini, Studio 300 and 400, Rapid 400, 600 and 1200, Streaklight 360.

There is so much more to the R2 system than any other brand of flashes, strobes, and monolights. From 5 watt seconds all the way up to 1200ws, the R2 Family is bursting with lighting possibilities and real-life dependable wireless solutions.


  • Direct R2 wireless Manual control of 5 Groups
  • Exceptional 492 feet / 150 meters of clear signal under ideal conditions
  • Power level, Audio signal, and Modeling Lamp remote control
  • Acts as an off-camera shutter release
  • Channel security and isolation from interference with 32 Channels and 100 ID selections
  • LCD panel displays full data, values, modes, and status
  • Upgradable firmware with USB-C port
  • Hotshoe mountable on any DSLR
  • Connects to legacy flashes with a 3.5mm sync port or adapter
  • Serves as Transmitter and/or Receiver
  • Can fire a remote camera shutter and sync flash simultaneously
  • Test button fires strobes for signal confirmation
  • APP Mode links to Smartphone APP via Flashpoint M1 Pro or M1 Mini


  • Flashpoint R2 SP Single Pin Transceiver
  • Lanyard
  • Manual
  • Two Year FlashpointLimited Warranty
user-manual User manual
Flashpoint R2 Single Pin Transceiver Specifications
Frequency 2.4GHz R2 Radio
Wireless Range Up to 492 ft / 150m <br> Up to 984 ft / 300 m in R2/SP tandem
Channels 32
Groups 5
Wireless ID 100
Camera Sync 2.5mm Shutter Cable Port
External flash 3.5mm Sync Port<br> Speedlight Hot Shoe
Update Port USB Type-C
Power Source AA batteries (Alkaline, Ni-CD, Ni-MH)
Dimensions 1.8 x 3.6 x 1.9 in / 46 x 92 x 48 mm
Weight 2.6 oz / 75 g (without batteries)