Flashpoint Junior Steel Wheeled Stand – 12′

MSRP: $179.95

The Flashpoint Junior 3 section 12 foot steel wheeled stand is no shorty lightweight contender. No sir! It is the massive studio support with a real altitude!

Produced to accommodate heavy duty Junior Pin (1 1/8″) devices in the socket receiver. The wide stance guarantees stability and center of gravity to support the most challenging lighting gear. The massive stand will handle the largest booms without flinching. All steel durable tubular risers sections are spring loaded for safety and meet at aluminum knuckles with generous wing knobs. Fixtures as heavy as 60 pounds whirl around like they were on skates on ice, without losing balance, while being placed into position. The long leg brace design provides the right amount of spread to prevent tipping and each leg accepts non marking casters that lock to keep Junior in place. When you are ready to close it all up, after removing the light, the stand can safely stay vertical on 3 toe claws that are part of the removable rolling assembly. Just in case the Junior receiver is not important to you but you still want to take advantage of the absolute solid mastery of this big guy for supporting your gear, we include a Pin Adapter to transform the Junior head into a Baby Pin for more standard connections. This is the kind of colossal lightstand you can pass on to your inheritors, after long years of great active service.


  • Massive strength and balance
  • For the biggest Junior Pin lighting fixtures
  • Great for boom and remote arms
  • All steel and aluminum construction
  • Spring loaded risers
  • 12 feet of pure power
  • No scuff locking casters


  • Flashpoint Junior Roller Stand 12'
  • Junior to Baby Pin Adapter
  • Set of 3 Locking Wheels
  • Wrench
  • Flashpoint 1-Year USA Warranty
Flashpoint Junior Steel Wheeled Stand - 12' Specifications
Minimum Height 58" / 147 cm without casters
Maximum Height 12.5' / 381 cm with casters
Closed Length 58" / 148 cm with
Footprint 68" / 172 cm diameter
Weight 29.5 lb / 13.4 kg
Maximum Load 60 lb / 27 kg
Attachment Size 1-1/8" Junior Pin <br> 5/8" stud
Wheels Locking Casters - Removable - Non Scuff
Cushioned Spring Loaded
Materials Steel, Aluminum, Polyurethane