Flashpoint eVOLV Twin Head – Bowens Mount (AD-B2)

MSRP: $59.00

Turn your eVOLV200 R2 Pocket Flash into the next level of intelligent strobe life!

Flashpoint introduces the eVOLV Twin that joins two eVOLVvs to create a 400ws head with brilliant LED modelling.

The double header is more than just a power hitter. All you have to do is plug the original flashtubes from your two eVOLV”s into the Twin – or insert just one of your eVOLV200 flashtubes for 200ws with LED model power and Bowens S-type connectivity. Simply remove the modular heads from the eVOLV”s and slip lock the eVOLV200 bodies into the channel on the Twin and twosome your power pleasure.

The Twin bracket has a light stand receiver with a tilt lock that is ready to attach to any 5/8″ stud or light support. You now have a standard Bowens S-type friendly bracket head for all your essential modifiers; reflectors, softboxes, Parapops or snoots, and a lockable umbrella shaft channel. You don”t need two eVOLV”s to take advantage of the 2X 20w LED modeling feature. Just one body will power the lamp with one barebulb inserted.

But, with a duo headed eVOLV200, you can have a real blast!

The eVOLV200, with the heart of the world famous Streaklight 360 TTL and the soul of the ever popular XPLOR 600 TTL, is now compatible with R2 Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus/Panasonic camera systems. The compact and efficient solution for travel, easy setup with the reliability of the Flashpoint R2 Wireless System. Never before has off camera lighting been so user friendly and masterful. It will change the way you harness your camera’s technology.

Now, twice as nice.


  • Combines 2 eVOLV's into a single 400ws power champ
  • 2 brilliant LED modeling lights straddle the barebulb flashtubes
  • Add your Bowens S-type modifiers directly to the Twin
  • The bracket is attaches to any 5/8" studded light stand or support
  • Accepts reflectors, softboxes, umbrella and more


  • Flashpoint eVOLV Twin bracket
  • Flashpoint 2 Year Warranty
Flashpoint eVOLV Twin Head - Bowens Mount (AD-B2) Specifications
Power Output 400Ws
LED output 2X 20W
Weight 1lb 13oz / 820g
Dimensions 8.625x6.0x2.75" / 22.0x15.2x7.0 cm