Flashpoint AC Charger for Blast Pack PowerPack FPBP960 – 100-240 VAC

MSRP: $29.95

The only way to satisfy the need for a master charge for a Flashpoint Blast Pack lithium cell module FPPPBP960RB! Just plug the jack into the socket on the side of a battery cell and wait until the LED indicator changes from RED (charging) to GREEN (charged). It’s the simple visa to discover flash heaven.
The Flashpoint blast Pack is the truly professional portable rechargeable battery pack that makes the quantum leap! More mobile power for your favorite speedlight or strobe. The new Flashpoint Blast Pack is the long endurance power supply for which professional and semi-pro photographers have been longing. Stable, memory free, interchangeable Lithium 4500 mAh battery modules snap in to provide you with up to 1800 full power shots in your energy reserve. With spare units, your shooting is never interrupted. You don’t need to own more and more full size power packs to keep on shooting for weddings, journalism, or event and sports coverage. Just slide the battery module onto the main pack and fire away! ONE SECOND for a full power recycle!


  • Use the charger anywhere in the world!
  • 100 - 240 volt 50/60Hz cycle
  • Trickle charge safety ciruitry


  • Flashpoint 1 Year Warranty