Flashpoint 320M 150 Watt AC/DC Monolight Strobe

MSRP: $99.95

The Flashpoint 320M AC/DC Monolight is the lightweight power champion of our M Series family of portable studio monolights. The flash incorporates all the features of a professional 150 WS strobe within a sleek and tough housing. Features like completely continuous variable power settings from 1/32 to full output (5 stops)with self-bleed circuitry, a 100 watt modeling lamp that can be linked to power settings, built in optical slave photocell trigger, replaceable flash tube, visual and switchable audio verification of recycle signals, and sync connections to camera or remote devices.

The advanced design self contained strobe head delivers consistent bursts of light with an efficient guide number of 192 (ISO100/ft) to create studio quality images from still life sets to portraits. The quick recycle gives you the edge on action and the impressive output, a sweet f stop for sharp imaging. Used on location, the 320M provides multiple lighting for weddings and events without the weight and limits of multiple head pack generator systems. The flash duration assures rich color and full spectrum vibrancy with a full power recycle time at a snappy maximum of 1 second on AC. The unit stays stable and cool even when using the bright quartz modeling lamp.

The use of affordable portable, lightweight strobe units adds real image controlto your work without the major expense of high energy generator packs. Portraits become masterful. Event coverage a b reeze. Product photography is brought to life. Food and beverage pictures become tempting. Buy several of the 320M’s or mix it up with the larger 1220M and 620M’s for a powerful lighting system.

The optional lightweight external NiH battery pack frees you from AC wires for total lighting independence for at least 400 full power shots. The 2.6 pound M Series PowerPack keeps you in the action without the restriction of AC wires and extensions, anywhere.


  • 150ws / 118gn (ft)
  • Less than 1 second full power recycle
  • 5 stop range
  • Proportional or Full Power Modeling Lamp
  • AC or DC Operation with purchase of battery pack
  • Recycle Light and Audio Signal
  • Removable Lockable Reflector
  • Optical Slave Light Sensor
  • Sync Socket for Remote Devices and Cords
  • Optional Nickel Hydride Battery in Case with Shoulder Strap


  • Flashpoint 320M Monolight
  • Power Cord
  • Sync Cord
  • Flashtube Transport Cover
  • Case
  • Flashpoint 1 Year Warranty
user-manual User manual
Flashpoint 320M 150 Watt AC/DC Monolight Strobe Specifications
Strobe Output 150 watt seconds
Guide Number 36m/118ft ISO 100
Power Supply AC 100-130v / 60Hz
Pack Optional: BP-5 DC 16v NiH Battery
Recycle Time: seconds; AC Full Power <1.0 seconds <br>DC Battery Full Power <1.5
Flash Duration 1/1500 - 1/800 sec
Recycle Indication Ready Light and Switchable Audio
Reflector 8 inch, removable
Light Coverage Greater than 55 Degrees
Slave Eye Sensitivity Greater than 33 feet / 360 degree radius
Modeling Light 100W Frosted Halogen
Color Temperature 5600K
Sync Voltage 6V DC
Fuse 10A
Housing Size 11 X 5.6 X 7. 5 in
Weight 3.0 lbs
BATTERY BP-5 : Weight 2.65 lbs
Material Nickel-Hydrogen Metal
Charge to Full <300 minutes
Flash @ Full >400
Dimensions 171 x 76 x 180 mm