Flashpoint 3 Light Strobe Outfit #3203X

SKU: FP3203X
MSRP: $449.96

This Flashpoint 3 Monolight Strobe 10pc Bundle comes with two Flashpoint 320M Monolights, a 160w Pioneer Monolight, three Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stands (7.2′), a III Series Professional Rectangle Softbox , a BigBag Lighting Bag, a 40″ White Umbrella , a Flashpoint Barndoor Kit, a Speed Ring ($288 Total Value) and shipping is free!

The Flashpoint M series allows you to choose AC and or DC powered operation. Flashpoint Monolights are designed with the latest in high-tech features. They are compact, lightweight and deliver the performance that gives you a definite competitive edge. All at a fraction of the cost of heavier power pack units. Monolights are self contained, they do not require being hooked-up to a central power pack. That means no more wires winding throughout the whole studio. They have variable flash power settings, a flash-ready indicator and a built-in slave.

Use fapc15 to convert the camera shoe into a sync port.

The Flashpoint Studio Flash 160 won’t be able to light up Madison Square Garden, but you will be able to achieve perfect pictures with the same effects and master touch that the expensive gear features for portraits, products and location imagery. Set up is a breeze and the lightweight unit stays cool under pressure. 160 watt seconds of power, modeling lamps, 4-stop output range, zippy recycle, and a punchy 141 guide number in a budget package. You simply cannot go wrong.

The Flashpoint FPLS7 stand is your ultimate light support tool. Durable and versatile, carefully crafted from the finest lightweight yet sturdy materials, this stand is composed of all the features you need.
A reversible 1/4″ or 3/8″ screw on a 5/8″ stud, perpendicular mounting, large, easy to turn knobs, variable tension, sturdy legs, rubber tipped feet, and lightweight balance and stability all combine to make this your perfect lightstand.

A Reversible 1/4″ or 3/8″ Screw on a 5/8″ Stud means that you can mount virtually any light, modifier, speedlight, or bracket to this stand

GLOW 3 Rectangle Softboxes are designed as the softbox standard for studio and location situations where diffused light is desired. While the entire series employs advanced technology designed to create perfect images for portrait, wedding, editorial and product still life, this 24×36″ size is a mainstay of any photographer. Not only used for a general light source but as a rectangular shape in reflective and translucent objects.

The Glow White Umbrella 40″ gives an even, diffused lighting effect with soft shadow definition. With much attention to detail from fabric to frame ribs, this umbrella sets a new high standard for portable light control for people and subjects at fantastic value. Use this version two creative ways: traditional soft bounce, and as a clarity enhancing shoot through diffuser.

The Flashpoint II 4-leaf barn doors clamp onto any standard metal reflector. Opens and closes to any position to control amount of light. Constructed of aluminum with plated steel, it fits Flashpoint II and DG series monolights.

The Flashpoint Speed Ring is compatible with all model monolights and allows you to use various brands of softboxes on Flashpoint Monolights.


  • Adorama Valuable Bundle. Kit Includes.
  • Flashpoint 320M Monolight, Power Cord, Sync Cord, Flashtube Transport Cover, Case, Flashpoint 1 Year USA Warranty.
  • Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Flash, 160 Watt Seconds, Sync Cord, AC Power Cord, Flashpoint 1 Year USA Warranty.
  • Flashpoint 7.2' Air Cushioned Heavy Duty LightStand, Padded Case with Strap, Reversible Stud, Flashpoint 1 Year USA Warranty.
  • Glow Softbox, Removable Inner Baffle, Front Diffusion Panel, Carry Bag, Rods (4).
  • Slinger BigBag Lighting Bag.
  • Glow 40" White Umbrella with Outer Black.
  • The Flashpoint Barn Door Kit with Grid and Gels, 4 Barn Door Flags, 3 Color Gels in Frame, 1 Diffuser in Frame, 30 Degree Honeycomb Grid In Frame.
  • Speed Ring for all Flashpoint Model Monolights.


  • Flashpoint 320M 150 Watt Second AC / DC Monolight Strobes (2)
  • Flashpoint BF160 Budget Studio Monolight Flash 160 Watt
  • Flashpoint 24x 36 Softbox
  • 40 Umbrella with Black Backing
  • Barn Door
  • Flashpoint Light Stands (3)
  • Flashpoint Large Carrying Case
  • Flashpoint 1 Year USA Warranty