Flashpoint 10′ C Stand on Turtle Base Kit, 40″ Grip Arm & Two 3″ Gobo Heads

MSRP: $129.95

The Flashpoint 10′ Century C Stand Kit is a worthy carrier of the time honored C Stand tradition of secure and powerful light and modifier supports for cinema and still studios. The C Stand kit features a 10′, two tier spring loaded riser column with a baby pin on top, removable turtle self locking base legs, 2 aluminum 3.0″ grip heads and a 40″ extension boom arm.

The stand base features a specially designed sure locking mechanism that is unique to the C Stand series. Each leg firmly sets to a preset lock position for easy swing setup and then flat for compact storage and transport. Individual legs can be swung to any angle, breaking out of fixed leg stance of classic stands. The ‘Turtle Base’ provides an exceptionally low center of gravity, balancing off axis gear without tipping the assembly, especially when secured with saddlebag style sandbags. The unique staggered curved leg design allows C Stands to be nested allowing for several to be used in close proximity. The lower leg can also be slid under many objects.

The kit’s extension gobo rod arm precisely slips into the aluminum 3.0″ grip heads, supporting light modifiers, arms, scrims, cantilever flags, gobos or smaller lights, into exact position. The 5/8″ diameter arm and Grip/Gobo/KnuckleHead combination can be used as a short boom, is tremendously helpful on still life sets, supporting everything from reflectors to soup spoons in clamps. The cast aluminum head design has interlocking facing surfaces to keep a fixed position when supporting accessories on the steel arm in one of its four 3/4″, 5/8″, 3/8″, and 1/8″ diameter channels. The jaws open to a maximum of 1-1/8″ to hold rods, dowels and studs. The channel disks pivot about the center tightening handle and is grooved to friction hold firmly. When used atop light stands, it attaches via a 5/8″ baby pin receiver hole with a choice of two places on the length for the tightening grip handle, taking best advantage of shorter studs on standard light stands or the included 5.5″ longer baby pin ends on Century Stands

Altogether, the C Stand stands alone in the wish list of absolute ‘must-haves’ for your studio.

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The name ‘Century Stand’ goes back to the days of motion picture production. There were no artificial light sources. No large tungsten lamps and certainly not quartz bulbs to illuminate. Just light from the sun. The film sets would revolve on platforms to assure a constant light from the sun above. Carefully positioned giant reflectors would be strategically placed to deflect the sunlight up onto the stages and thereby illuminate the scene and actors. While the reflectors were made in many sizes and shapes, the most popular was the 100 inch, or ‘century’, sized reflector. Stage assistant then created tools to aid them in the support of these 100″ reflectors and invented what we now call C Stands. The first C Stands could not adjust or swivel, but they easily nested together just as they do today. Time tested and proven as an invaluable stage property, today’s Century Stands, or C Stands, are an essential element in the image maker’s inventory of tools.


  • Legs swing lock into preset and custom positions
  • Durable chrome finished steel withstands harsh conditions.
  • Spring loaded buffer on each riser section with rubber gaskets
  • Stagger height 'Turtle Legs' allow for close nesting stands
  • Two Aluminum Gobo/Grip/Knuckle Heads with 4 channels for total dexterity
  • Sure locking legs fold flat for storage and transport
  • Baby Pin stud for angular mounts


  • Folding Turtle Legs
  • Two Tier Rise Center Column
  • 2 Gobo/Grip/Knuckle Heads
  • 40 " Steel Arm Dowel
  • Baby Pin
  • Flashpoint 1-Year USA Warranty
Flashpoint 10' C Stand on Turtle Base Kit, 40" Grip Arm & Two 3" Gobo Heads Specifications
Minimum Height 53" (134 cm)
Maximum Height 10.0' (304 cm)
Closed Length 47" (119 cm)
Footprint Diameter 34" (86 cm) average radius
Maximum Load 30 lbs (13.6 kg) as a stand
Leg Heights 7" / 9" /10.5"
Attachment Size 2.75" 5/8"diam (16 mm) male 'baby pin' stud
Base Insert Diameter 1-3/16"
Wheels No
Weight Kit: 18.25 lbs (8.3 kg) <br> Stand alone: 14.75 lb (6.7 kg) <br> Arm: 1 lb 3.5 oz (0.55 kg) <br> Grip/Knuckle Head, each: 1 lb 2 oz (.51 kg) <br> Baby Pin Stud: 6.6 oz (186g)
Materials Stand and Arm: Hardened Coated Steel <br>Grips: Cast Aluminum