Flashpoint TTL-Off Camera Flash Cord for Nikon – 3

MSRP: $14.95

The Flashpoint TTL Off Camera Flash Cord for Nikon provides the easiest solution for creative photographers who want to add dimension, drama and modeling to their ordinary flat lighting usually obtained from hotshoe mounted Nikon Speedlights. By placing the flash off the camera hot shoe and onto a bracket, cage or stand, a photographer can break free of the static style forced by the nature of on axis lighting. This cable works as a full-function communication cord, relaying data between the camera and dedicated flash.

The TTL cable flip locks firmly onto the camera hotshoe securely establishing contact to all the data points, which are transmitted via the durable 3 foot coiled cable. The end acts as an extended foot for the speedlight, and attaches to any stand, tripod, umbrella bracket, or other device with a standard 1/4″-20 screw or flash shoe mount. The extra length of the cable gives great flexibility when used on a bracket with a rotating or flip arm.


  • Extends the TTL hot shoe with Nikon SLR/DSLR cameras for brackets and stands
  • Compatible with Nikon SLR/DSLR cameras with a TTL hot shoe and Nikon Dedicated Speedlights by many manufacturers.
  • 3.0' /1m Tough Extendable Coiled Cord


  • Flashpoint 2 Year Warranty
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Flashpoint TTL-Off Camera Flash Cord for Nikon - 3 Specifications
Functions: Full TTL
Cord 3 feet fully extended / 1 foot coiled