Flashpoint Shooting Table with Plexi Glass

MSRP: $29.95

The Flashpoint Shooting Table with Plexi Glass is a classic transi-table that streamlines the photography for still-life products that require glossy white background without the tone of paper surfaces and matte, for the ultimate way to shoot crystal, glassware and other transparent or translucent objects.
The 24 x 40″ Plexiglas sheet can be under lit to eliminate shadows, backlit to give the illusion of spotlighting, or heavily top litto satisfy drop shadow effects without post production. The cleverly designed aluminum frame raised the plexi 20″ off the ground andforms a gentle curved slope behind the flat table top. The illusion of a continuous, seamless is easy to achieve, with the creative option to light tone gradations as an option. The flexible table is the best investment that a studio can make when serving to photograph ecommerce, metallic objects and beverages, as well. The table folds opens like a folding chair – flat for storage and transportation. 6 clamps grasp the plastic to the frame according to the tension you desire.


  • Ideal shooting table for shadowfree results
  • Dramatic 3 way translucency
  • Base folds for quick setup and storage
  • Clamps secure the surface at the tension you prefer.
  • Master glassware, silver objects, jewelry and general product photography


  • Flashpoint Lightweight Black Aluminum Frame/Stand 24" x 51"
  • Non-Reflective Plexiglas Surface Base
  • 4 Clamps
  • Flashpoint 1 Year Warranty
Flashpoint Shooting Table with Plexi Glass Specifications
Material Plexiglas, aluminum
Dimensions 24 x 51 x 19" / 61 x 130 x 49 cm
Weight 11.6 lb / 5.2 kg